If You Believe in Mermaids . . . Don't Tell

A Novel by A. A. Philips
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Thirteen-year-old Todd is a fine diver with a wry sense of humor. He knows that boys are not supposed to daydream about mermaids and play with their little sister's dolls. At summer camp he tries to fit in, talking tough and flirting with girls, but Brad, the camp's bad boy, is eager to expose all that's different about Todd.
Todd would like to swim away to his mermaid fantasy world. It's a secret refuge no one else can know about -- especially not his Dad. Even though he's not the soccer jock his Dad had hoped for, Todd is good at diving. If only diving could save him. Because along comes the doll thing. Dad finds out, and his explosion rocks the house. Todd decides that it's time to disappear.
The most unlikely person of all tracks him down and persuades him to come home. With help, his family begins to reconnect and Todd finds the courage to accept himself. At last he glimpses a life that might match his fantasies.