If You Believe in Mermaids . . . Don't Tell

A Novel by A. A. Philips
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About the Author

A. A. Philips won the class jumping-rope contest in kindergarten and decided not to grow up - but eventually had to, becoming a writer, teacher, counselor, book reviewer, zoo Reptile House tour guide, animal rescuer, and parent. The last job was the hardest. This author brakes for everyone, especially turtles, and she still can't decide whether to return as a mermaid or a fairy the next time around.

Raised in Columbia, Missouri, A. A. Philips received her B.A. from Middlebury College, M.A. from Harvard University, and M.S. from the Universtiy of Southern Maine. She has taught college writing and literature courses and for over a decade counseled individuals, couples, and families. She now lives in Maryland.